Introducing the CTO as a service model

When you make a digital product, you need a leader with technological know-how who can guide the entire process. Our models allows you to gain the information and insight you need with a tailored contract length, domain focus, and level of involvement to suit your business. An integrated, on-demand CTO will bring all the benefits of a permanent, in-house CTO without the overhead.


Save Costs

Instead of hiring super expensive full time technical resources, leverage the on demand model. With the option to hire on a project or consulting basis, CTO as a service allows startups to maximize the insights of a CTO without the overhead.


Leverage specialists

When you have an in-house CTO, you are limited to that individual’s expertise. But when you work with our team’s on-demand CTOs, you gain access to the cumulative knowledge of all the experts as they work with each other to provide the best insight possible.


Reduce founder responsibilities

Stop wearing all the hats in your business! Avoid pitfalls and mistakes by leveraging experienced specialists and avoid trial and error in complex technical matters. We 've been there we know how it's done.

Your startup needs CTO services when you…

  • Have a vision but lack tech expertise
  • Are seeing business growth but need a tech strategy
  • Need to recruit a skilled and agile team to build digital products
  • Confront difficulties with internal infrastructure
  • Need to boost operational efficiency and technical knowledge
  • Are operating on a budget and need to work with temporary contracts

What can CTO do for Startups?

Ensure your tech infrastructure is optimized for your project

CTOs will consult to bring in the most suitable technologies, architectures, and third-party solutions to build digital projects that are profitable and scalable.


Trust expert management at the helm of your business

By overseeing all tech personnel, resources, and projects, a CTO will manage the overall development of a digital project to fulfill business goals and strategies.


Leverage software development and data engineering solutions

Whether a startup doesn’t even have a team yet or is at a mature development stage, CTOs can offer on-demand insight, perspectives, and consultations that will influence formative technical, strategic, and hiring decisions early on. Unlike a typical recruiter, our CTOs will conduct in-depth analysis of each candidate’s technical skills so that you can hire and recruit the best talent to build your team.


Build a business that’s set to last

With a comprehensive understanding of the company's needs and a detailed knowledge of the technical steps required, a CTO will implement systems, processes, and teams that will scale to make a long-lasting, successful business.


Engagement Models

Explore our engagement models to see which option fits your needs.

  • One-off Model

    This model is perfect for startups and founders looking for guidance or advice on a particular scenario. We will set you up to work with a CTO in a single instance to overcome your particular technical problem.

  • Frame an architecture plan
  • Problem solving
  • Technology stack guidance
  • Cost estimation analysis
  • Writing of technical deliverables
  • Part-Time Model

    Working with a part-time CTO is ideal for newer and more mature startups alike. In this setup, the CTO will be a member of your team for a designated number of days or hours each week and help to solve and manage big-picture technical issues.

  • One-Off Model services
  • Oversee of the development team
  • Mentoring and code reviews
  • Monitoring the deployment processes
  • Team Building and recruitment support
  • Build-Up Model

    This model is ideal for startups who are looking for hands-on solutions based on a reliable development team in order to build from scratch a scalable MVP or to support an ongoing product.

  • Development team backed by a CTO
  • Full documented delivarbles
  • Dockerized source code
  • Best practices and due-diligence ready stack
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